Exclusive handcrafted accessories made to measure for the man of today. Accesorios artesanales exclusivos y hechos a la medida para el hombre de hoy.

WELCOME! You have entered a LUXURY LEATHER ACCESSORIES STORE FOR MEN WITH HIGH AESTHETIC AND QUALITY DEMANDS. All designs are Tailor-made in my workshop, this bracelets are made to order exclusively and directly for you. My designs are for those who want to purchase or gift a unique and special design, away from the mass offer of the current trade. A handmade accessory that is distinctive of quality, personality and exclusivity. Articles of exquisite manufacture with which people of exclusive tastes are identified, different. Your bracelet accompanies and enhances, sometimes subtle, warm, minimalist or, at times, daring, contradictory and sexy, like you!. It is difficult for many men to find clothing accessories and designs adapted to their tastes and needs. The usual and massive commercial offer, in many occasions, does not offer the color, quality and exclusivity that many people look for. My designs respond to the need, mainly from the males, to find leather accessories of the highest quality, color, personality and exclusivity. THE DESIGNS FROM MY STORE ARE CUSTOM. ONE BY ONE are made entirely by hand, so production is limited. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU MAKE YOUR SHOPPING WITH ENOUGH TIME. In this way, you receive your order within the period of time you need, and that I can work with all my attention and love for you each one of my works. So is that my creations have that special something that all can see, the Soul that distinguishes to ENNA Artesanas designs.We make pack with ENNA black velvet bag or a special cloth bag. Some designs in a black box ENNA (how you can see in some pictures), all very elegant and sober. Ideal as a gift.KEEP IN MIND, let us know your size in inches, centimeters or standard size.Women wrists:S= 15/16 cm.; M= 16,5/17 cm.; ML= 17,5/18 cm.; L= 18,5/19 cm.; XL= 19,5/20 cm.: XXL= 20,5/21 cm.; XXXL= 21,5/22cm.MEN wrists:S= 16,5/17 cm.; SM= 17,5/18 cm.; M= 18,5/19 cm.; L= 19,5/20 cm.: XL= 20,5/21 cm.; XXL= 21,5/22cm. XXXL= 22,5/ 23cm. LARGE SIZES wrists of: 24/25 cm. too.NOTE: I DO NOT PERFORMS RECORDINGS ON METAL OR LEATHER.

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